Damascus Securities Exchange (342)


United Group, Syria’s largest media group, saw a massive drop in revenues last year over the contraction of the advertising market.


Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil Company, an agro-food company listed in the Damascus Securities Exchange, posted profits again last year.


For the second year in a row, Al-Ahliah Transport, one of Syria’s largest transport companies, has reported a steep decline in activity.


Stocks continued their winning streak this week in the Damascus Securities Exchange with the second consecutive weekly gain for the market’s main index.


Stocks in the Damascus Securities Exchange gained last week as the continued decline of the Syrian Pound is driving investors further away from cash holdings.


The bank manager accused of being responsible for the largest fraud case in Syria’s banking industry since the liberalization of the sector some ten years ago has been arrested, IBTF has said.


The main index of the Damascus Securities Exchange rose 0.54 percent in a week that saw a large deal on Al-Aqeelah Takaful Insurance stocks.


The volumes exchanged last week in the Damascus Securities Exchange increased to SYP 35 million over trading in financial stocks.


The assets of Mourtada Dandashi, a Syrian investor in the financial and real estate sectors, have been frozen by the Syrian government on claims that he finances “armed terrorist groups,” the expression the authority use to describe opposition activists and rebel forces.


Syria’s DWX stock market index fell 0.83 percent this week to close at 775.16 with one stock representing more than 60 percent of traded volumes.


Two financial firms held together more than half of the brokerage market share in the stock exchange last year as the volume of trading fell 82 percent on an annual basis, according to data published by the DSE.


The level of trading slowed somewhat at the Damascus Securities Exchange this week with average prices increasing on a weekly basis.


Syria’s stock market began this year as it closed last, with an uninterrupted decline in prices.


Bank Al-Sharq has announced the second resignation in as many months of one of its directors.


Trading in banking stocks helped increase the total volume of trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week to levels not seen since March.


Stocks continued to lose ground in the Damascus Securities Exchange over the week while trading volumes reached SYP 6.1 million.


The Syrian Prime Minister has appointed the five remaining members of the board of directors of the Damascus Securities Exchange.


Al-Aqeelah Takaful Insurance has appointed a new general manager.


The Damascus Securities Exchange extended this week its losing streak to twenty sessions in a row.


Bank Al-Sharq has announced the resignation of one of its board members.


Syria’s stock exchange index fell for the first time below the 800 mark last week as trading continued to remain limited to a handful of stocks.


The revenues of United Group, Syria’s largest media company, plunged 65 percent year-on-year in the first nine months of 2012 amidst a slump in the advertising market.


Two sessions were held last week at the Damascus Securities Exchange with only seven trades taking place.


Activity at Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil continued to show remarkable resilience with revenues in the first nine months of this year increasing on an annual basis.


All the indicators were again in the red last week at the Damascus Securities Exchange.


Syria’s stock market index fell again in a new uneventful week.


The last week of September saw trading return to more “normal” levels in the Damascus Securities Exchange.


Qatar National Bank Syria announced on Tuesday that it been victim of a fraud, the second such report by a local bank in two weeks.


The Damascus Securities Exchange is continuing to beat records with the value of the shares traded last week at its lowest level since the inception of the Syrian bourse in March 2009.


The Damascus Securities Exchange witnessed last week one of its worst weeks since its inception with only one stock traded in a single deal.


Pioneers Syria has suspended its activities in the Damascus Securities Exchange as a result of falling business revenues.


The value of shares traded at the stock exchange in the first eight months of this year fell 77 percent compared to the same period of last year, data from the Syrian bourse show.


A total of twelve transactions worth a combined SYP 465 thousand occurred during the whole of this week in the Damascus Securities Exchange.


Al-Aqeelah Takaful Insurance, a listed Islamic insurer, has announced the resignation of its general manager, Firas Al-Azem.


Revenues continued to plunge at UG, Syria’s largest media group, as the industry suffers from the economic downturn.


Some SYP 2 million worth of stocks were traded last week in the Damascus Securities Exchange with the focus of investors remaining on banks and financials.


In a dramatic development, the Syrian Prime Minister, Riad Hijab, has fled the country, effectively defecting from the Government, along with two other ministers, exactly two months after he was appointed to his position.


Stocks in Syria’s securities exchange gained last week, for the first time in almost three months, although the limited trading volumes render this change of direction largely insignificant.


All stocks traded at the Damascus Securities Exchange fell again last week with the total value of shares falling more than 50 percent compared to the previous week.


Syrian stocks fell for the fifth week running with the Damascus Securities Exchange’s main index shedding 0.61 percent.


Trading in the Damascus Securities Exchange last week remained very low with investors continuing to flee the market.


The week at the Damascus Securities Exchange was marked by the inclusion of Syria International Islamic Bank in a list of companies under sanctions by the United States and by a general decline in stock prices.


The Damascus Securities Exchange's main index, the DWX, closed at 872.23 on May 23, a weekly decline of 0.17 percent, with trade volumes slightly rising.


A new company is set to enter the Damascus Securities Exchange in spite of the fact that the market continues to attract only little investment.


Global One, a brokerage firm based in Aleppo, held the lead in the market for stock brokering in April, for the third month since the beginning of the year.


Syria’s stock market index rose 1.48 percent last week to close at 881.83 on April 25 with more than half of the listed stocks being traded.


Last week saw only one trading session at the Damascus Securities Exchange because of the Easter and Independence Day as the DWX remained stable.


Trading remained very limited last week in the Damascus Securities Exchange as public holidays reduced the number of trading sessions to two.


The Islamic Financial Services Company, a brokerage company, is being dissolved following a decision by its Board of Directors.


The Syrian Investment House has become the third investment bank in Syria to announce the suspension of its activities in the last year.