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Moscow and Damascus are seeking to boost trade relations between Syria and the city of Sevastopol, the largest city in the Crimean peninsula. A memo issued by the Russian embassy lists prominent Sevastopol-based companies, including a supplier of military equipment that is under U.S. sanctions.
Stroytransgaz, a Russian engineering and construction company, has become a major player in Syria’s economy over the past few years, expanding its pre-conflict activities and reaching into new sectors. It has won major contracts in the fields of phosphates, port management, and fertilisers, at times at the expense of Iranian competitors, and has grown into a major symbol of Russia’s growing economic and political sway in Syria.
Relatively unknown prior to 2011, Samer Foz became one of Syria’s most powerful economic players following the conflict, being likened at one point to the business magnate and maternal cousin to the president, Rami Makhlouf. Despite leading a high profile during his heyday, Mr Foz has withdrawn from the public eye in recent years after being sanctioned and apparently being sidelined by the regime.


In this 2,600-word report, The Syria Report provides an overview of the recent history and status of Syria's three commercial maritime ports in Lattakia, Tartous, and Banias.
This 2,370-word report provides a detailed overview of the sector prior to and following the conflict, including its general history, key figures on production and planted areas, the extent to which the industry was impacted by the conflict, foreign companies previously involved in the industry, and the growing political and economic importance of the industry to the government since 2011.