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Last year saw a significant increase in the main indices and market capitalisation of the Damascus Securities Exchange but decreased trade value and volume.
An affiliate of the Bemo banking group is providing microfinance loans to members of a charity linked to a militia that fought during the war and to various Iranian political figures. The charity is based in the Damascus suburb of Sayyida Zeinab. Another company involved in this project is the local agent of Western Union. The move carries serious risks to the group’s reputation.


This profile provides an overview of Yassar Ibrahim, a notorious war profiteer and the current economic advisor to Bashar Al-Assad.


Producing regular and self-inactivating sterile medical syringes of various sizes and medical catheters of all kinds, selling their products wholesale and retail, and importing raw materials, machines and their spare parts.
Representing companies and agencies and providing advertising and promotional services by all means of advertising, including road advertising and creating; installing road billboards, and film production; organizing and holding exhibitions; creating and establishing a radio, television and satellite station; establishing an institute to hold training courses in the implementation of advertising, media, television and radio programmes.
Import, export, and investment in the agricultural and trading sectors.
The Syrian Pharmacists Association, also known as the Syrian Pharmacists Syndicate, is a professional union established in Damascus in 1952.
Trading of medical and laboratory equipment and beauty products; import and export of all authorised materials; contracting.