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Participating delegations at the Ministerial Meeting at the Brussels Conference VIII “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” pledged on Monday a total of EUR 7.6 billion in grants and loans,  for 2024 and beyond, to Syria and neighbouring countries hosting Syrian refugees. This marks a 20 percent decline compared to last year's conference, when the total grants and loans pledge stood at EUR 9.53 billion.
Fish production has reached 13,000 tonnes this season, reaching pre-2011 levels. Syria's imports of fish and fishery products are expected to rise following the Central Bank of Syria's decision on February 18 to allow tourist establishments to import seafood and fishery items not available in the local market.
Recent official estimates show that the livestock sector in Syria, once a cornerstone of the agriculture sector and a key source of foreign currency, is caught in a steep decline, with sheep herds dropping by 41 percent between 2016 and 2022.



The General Organisation for Land Development, or General Organisation for Land Reclamation, is responsible to conduct the study, design, and execution of irrigation and land reclamation projects within a national plan covering 430,000 hectares, including efforts in Aleppo, Raqqa, and Deir ez-Zor provinces.
UN-Habitat is a United Nations (UN) agency established in 1978.