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The following interview was conducted by The Syria Report with Jeanne Pryor, USAID’s Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Middle East Bureau whose portfolio includes USAID’s operations in Syria. The interview sheds light on USAID’s approach to early recovery projects in regime- and non-regime-held areas; its efforts to support the private sector in areas outside regime control; and the interagency mechanisms and vetting processes in place to ensure USAID funds are not awarded to sanctioned or regime-affiliated parties.
Some EUR 6.4 billion was pledged towards funding the international humanitarian aid effort in Syria during the 2022 Brussels Conference held on May 10. The amount is higher than last year and from what was originally expected. Of this amount, EUR 4.1 billion is allocated for this year and EUR 2.3 billion for 2023.
Last year, the Syrian government’s wheat imports more than doubled while its procurements of domestic wheat dropped by 48 percent on a year-on-year basis amid severe shortages across the country. Meanwhile, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria recently announced plans to import wheat to meet local demand.