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Iran may be putting harsher conditions on its supplies of crude oil to Syria. A recent report has suggested that Tehran has doubled the price at which it sells its oil and that it is now requiring Damascus to pay in cash; these two measures would have a significant fiscal impact on the Syrian government. The reasons behind this policy move are unclear.


This profile provides an overview of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, one of Syria's largest and most influential humanitarian relief and first-aid organisation.
This report provides a detailed account of Syria's chambers of commerce and industry, tracing their roles, activities, and representatives before and after the conflict. It also sheds light on chambers established by the Syrian Salvation Government and the Syrian Interim Government.
The profile provides an overview of Samer Al-Dibs, a prominent businessman, member of Parliament and Head of the Damascus, and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.


Creating, managing, and owning establishments related to the tourism industry; establishing agricultural projects; trading, importing, and exporting all related materials and equipment.
Zeuor Industry is an affiliate of a UAE-based company that develops mobile phone applications for businesses.