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Regular flights between Riyadh and Damascus will be reestablished this Wednesday after 12 years being suspended, the Syrian government announced in a statement on July 4. This move follows the greenlight by Saudi authorities for the flights with Syrian pilgrims travelling from Damascus to Mecca to perform Hajj in May and June. Both steps signal Riyadh’s commitment to its strategy of reintegrating Bashar Al-Assad into the Arab fold, more than a year after Syria was readmitted into the Arab League.
A total of EUR 2.51 billion in loans was pledged by the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and France for 2024 and beyond for countries hosting Syrian refugees at the Brussels VIII Conference held in May. The amount represents a steep decline from the EUR 4 billion loans pledged last year.
This article dissects the main looting and trafficking trends throughout the conflict, modus operandi of the main actors, the legal context, the challenges to tackle this murky business, and the main gaps in accountability towards the traffickers and buyers of ill-gotten Syrian artefacts.
As the Syrian Pound is going through its most stable period for six years, the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) has unified the exchange rate for remittances between local banks and money exchange companies in a bid to “streamline banking operations,” according to a CBS statement on June 13.
The state building efforts by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria have suffered a major setback with the postponement of local elections due to pressure by its main adversary, Turkey, and its main ally, the United States. The elections have been postponed until August, but given the political scenario, this may be the first of several delays or, even, an indefinite cancellation.


Import and export of building materials, electrical tools, mobile devices and their accessories, cars and their spare parts, furnishings, cosmetics and sterilization materials; and contracting.
Establishing , investing in, and supplying medical centres and importing, exporting, and trading medical supplies.
The Day After (TDA) is a Syria NGO established in Turkey in 2012.