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Two international tour agencies have recently restarted operations in Syria after the government resumed authorising tourist visas for foreign travellers earlier this month. A company from the UK and another from Germany have advertised tours to Syria for later this year and into next year.
Osman Aidi, a well-known hotelier and businessman in Syria, passed away at the age of ninety last week. Although state-owned media did not report on his death, Mr Aidi was one of the few Syrian businessmen who was influential in Syria’s economy both before and after the Baath Party took control of the country.


Prior to the conflict, Syria was one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. In 2010, 9,456,622 tourists travelled to the country, among which 6,281,525 (66 percent) were Arabs and 3,175,097 were non-Arabs (34 percent). In 2019, the number of non-Arab tourists was slightly above 200,000 (8 percent), while the number of Arab tourists amounted to 2,219,626 (92 percent), for a total of 2,424,285 tourists.
Although, historically, political differences have often driven a wedge between Damascus and Amman, shared economic interests have frequently spurred rapprochement between the two countries.


Creating, managing, and owning establishments related to the tourism industry; establishing agricultural projects; trading, importing, and exporting all related materials and equipment.
Qameh Group is a group of five companies that work in a variety of sectors including tourism, real estate, and engineering.