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Syria Trust for Development


The Syrian Cabinet issued an increase in the monthly compensation of wounded veterans of the National Defence Forces, a pro-government paramilitary force, following a recommendation by the joint committee of the government and the Syria Trust for Development, an NGO run by First Lady Asma Al-Assad.
The Syrian government is arranging to import hundreds of cows from Iran, according to the Damascus Chamber of Agriculture. The plan further confirms shortages in the country, whose livestock sector was self-sufficient prior to the conflict.
Syrian microfinance institutions have recently converted into banks that provide various financial services, including microlending, to clients. Meanwhile, official data reveals the industry is performing modestly after emerging nearly two decades ago.


The rise of Rami Makhlouf as Syria’s most prominent businessman coincided with the ascent to power of Bashar Al-Assad in 2000. Given his long history of influence within the ruling elite, Mr Makhlouf’s recent side-lining raises many questions about the potential implications of his fall from grace.



The Syria Trust for Development, an NGO established by Asma Al-Assad, the wife of the Syrian president, acts as an umbrella institution for various other organisations.

Al-Wataniya Microfinance Bank is a venture by the Syria Trust for Development and other local partners: the Syrian Computer Society and the Public Agency for Employment and Enterprise Development.