Subjects – Syria Report



Syria’s unprecedented fuel crisis, which was triggered by the suspension of Iranian oil supplies, has entered its third week, causing significant price surges and leading the government to implement several emergency measures, including shutting down state institutions until the beginning of the year.
Wheat and barley production has declined significantly across all of Syria for the second year in a row due to climate change, low water levels in the Euphrates River, and production input shortages, according to official data. This season's wheat production is 75 percent lower than pre-crisis volumes.


This report provides an overview of the Syrian smart card system. It trace the scheme’s genesis, which predates the uprising, examines smart card beneficiaries, the recent steps the government took to curb shortages through the cards, and the company behind the scheme. 
This report provides an overview of the renewable energy sector, the government's strategy for the industry, the most important renewable projects over the last few years, and foreign and local companies involved in the sector.