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Iran's oil exports to Syria decreased 27 percent in the first quarter of 2024 compared with the last quarter of 2023, and 24 percent on a year-on-year basis. In the last quarter of 2023, exports stood at 8.8 million barrels, an average of 95,938 bopd, while in the same quarter of last year they reached 9.1 million barrels, averaging 101,750 bopd. This quarter’s results are the lowest in two years, since Q2, 2022, when exports stood at 6.2 million barrels.
Fish production has reached 13,000 tonnes this season, reaching pre-2011 levels. Syria's imports of fish and fishery products are expected to rise following the Central Bank of Syria's decision on February 18 to allow tourist establishments to import seafood and fishery items not available in the local market.
For years, Damascus has blamed sanctions for preventing the government from rebuilding its electricity infrastructure. However, in the last decade, Damascus has repaired several power plants and built new ones. Importing more fuel oil and using it to generate more electricity would be a solution if Damascus was not so reluctant to avoid increasing its subsidy bills. On top of that, Syria seems to be gradually gearing towards a scenario where a few powerful business actors benefit from using neighbourhood power generators and oppose the increase in production of the state utility.
Two government delegations have recently visited Aleppo and met with local business leaders to address their electricity, customs, transportation, shipping subsidies, and finance concerns. Meanwhile, the Syrian cabinet has announced a flurry of decisions to improve the economic situation in the governorate.
The government has published a breakdown for its 2024 budget. Revenues are expected to stand at SYP 26 trillion and the deficit at SYP 9.4 trillion (from SYP 4.9 trillion last year).


In this report, The Syria Report provides a detailed account of Palestinians refugees in Syria, covering historical background, living conditions, and the Syrian conflict's impact. It also examines humanitarian support from organizations like GAPAR and UNRWA.
Our report on Syria's oil sector, covering pre-uprising conditions, production data, foreign company involvement, the impact of sanctions, Iranian oil imports.


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