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Regular flights between Riyadh and Damascus will be reestablished this Wednesday after 12 years being suspended, the Syrian government announced in a statement on July 4. This move follows the greenlight by Saudi authorities for the flights with Syrian pilgrims travelling from Damascus to Mecca to perform Hajj in May and June. Both steps signal Riyadh’s commitment to its strategy of reintegrating Bashar Al-Assad into the Arab fold, more than a year after Syria was readmitted into the Arab League.
Iran's oil exports to Syria in the second quarter of 2024 fell by 31 percent compared to the previous quarter, and by 55 percent on a year-on-year basis. Iranian crude oil exports to Syria are at their lowest level since late 2020.
The Syrian government is advancing its plan to restructure the subsidies system and shift from subsidising items that can be bought through the Smart Card system, to directly transferring cash subsidies to citizens, according to a statement by the government on June 25. In that statement, the government instructed Syrians who have Smart Cards but no bank accounts to open one within three months in order to receive the cash handouts.
Saudi investors from the influential Bin Laden family have set-up a construction company, and an Emirati construction company has opened a branch in Rural Damascus, while a Romanian investor has partnered with Syrian investors to establish a trading company specialised in the import of power and renewable energy equipment.



Sila LLC is a IT company established in Moscow in 2018.
Telsa Group was founded in 2015 and made up of companies operating in various fields, including communications, control and surveillance, engineering and consultancy.
Telsa Solutions is an information technology and communications firm.