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To automate Syria’s tax system, the Syrian government has granted the private company Sama Pay LLC a contract to handle the electronic payment of taxes. Sama Pay began operations following the disruption in the banking sector brought on by the implementation of the Caesar Act in June 2020. The increasing shift towards electronic payments adopted by several state-owned companies opens substantial opportunities for E-payment companies to generate significant revenues through government-awarded contracts.


The two tables below list the companies involved in renewable energy sector in Syria since 2006. The first table lists the companies that were mentioned in our articles over the past years with links to the articles, while the second table lists the companies established in Syria with an interest in the renewable energy sector based on information collected from the Official Gazette of Syria.
This profile features Syrian businessman Ayman Jaber, one of the country's most notorious militia leaders. It provides an overview of Mr Jaber's business activities and companies before and after the 2011 conflict and sheds light on the businessman's downfall in 2017.
This report provides an overview of Syria’s Air Transportation Sector, including a breakdown of its main actors, an assessment of the sector before and after the start of the conflict, and the current state of affairs.


Import, export, and trade of computer supplies and developing software applications.
Implementing renewable energy projects; distributing electrical energy of all kinds; and trading electrical power supply equipment, voltage and assembly panels, copper bars, regulators, multimeter units, and protection circuits.
Providing an electronic payment service for money in Syrian pounds.