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The Syrian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has announced a 35 percent hike in phone and internet service fees that will be effective from March 1. This increase will affect the services of the state-owned Syrian Telecom Company and private internet providers, and as in previous decisions, the hike will most probably also be applied to the services provided by mobile telecom operators Syriatel and MTN.
Médecins Sans Frontières, one of the leading medical organisations worldwide, was founded in 1971 in Paris as a private international association, and is mostly formed by doctors and health sector workers.
The government has published a breakdown for its 2024 budget. Revenues are expected to stand at SYP 26 trillion and the deficit at SYP 9.4 trillion (from SYP 4.9 trillion last year).
After 13 years of conflict, humanitarian needs in Syria are on the rise while international aid funds continues to shrink and Syria’s economy rapidly deteriorates. The dependency on international humanitarian assistance has greatly expanded over the past decade, although such aid has not improved living conditions or sustained economic recovery.



The Directorate of Cadastral Affairs in Idlib, operating under the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) since 2018, manages land and property records primarily in the Idlib Governorate and parts of the Aleppo Governorate.
The General Establishment for Pensions is the state entity in charge of paying pensions to civil servants and public sector employees.