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Two government delegations have recently visited Aleppo and met with local business leaders to address their electricity, customs, transportation, shipping subsidies, and finance concerns. Meanwhile, the Syrian cabinet has announced a flurry of decisions to improve the economic situation in the governorate.
The Syria Report is launching a series of in-depth interviews with some of the main humanitarian and development actors in Syria. Interview with Sachitra Chitrakar, Syria Country Director for the Danish Refugee Council.  
Recent weeks have seen an acceleration in the restoration of political and diplomatic ties between Syria and the Arab world. These moves have included visits of Bashar Al-Assad to the UAE and Oman the following day, a visit to Cairo by Syrian FM Faysal Meqdad, and reports that Saudi Arabia and Syria would soon reopen their consulates in their respective capitals.
Over a month after earthquakes devastated northern Syria and southern Turkey, local populations and governments are still reeling from the damages and consequences of the crisis.


Fares Shehabi (b. 1972), also known as Fares Ahmad Al-Shehabi, is a prominent Aleppan businessman who is mainly active in the pharmaceutical sector. Throughout the decade-long conflict, Mr Shehabi has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the regime.