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At the 33rd Arab League Summit, regional leaders ratified the need to continue the rapprochement process towards Damascus, but the summit concluded without any concrete economic or political concession towards Bashar Al-Assad’s govement.
On January 28, Russian company RPOST-M LLC was established in Syria to provide security services. The company was founded by Maxim Yurievich Grekhov, reportedly a former undercover officer for the Russian intelligence services. The recent establishment of the RPOST-M branch in Damascus may suggest a strategy of distributing the previous interest of Wagner among different companies, instead of a single company or leader.
The United Kingdom holds GBP 163.2 million in frozen assets of Syrian individuals and entities under U.K.’s Syria sanctions. U.K. authorities have also seized a GBP 26 million property from Rifaat Al-Assad in London, and have collected nearly GBP 200,000 in penalties for sanction violations.


This 9300-word report presents a detailed account of inteational sanctions on Syria. It delves into the American and European sanctions programs, exemptions, and challenges in enforcing sanctions.


Providing services in the medical and health field, preparations, maintenance of medical devices and equipment, water purification devices, and in the field of agricultural, food and industrial products.
Providing protection services to defend facilities, including oil fields.
Import, export and wholesale of food, vegetables and fruits.
Import, export, and wholesale and retail trade of fruits and vegetables.