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Cham Capital, one of the seven brokerage firms still operating in the Damascus Securities Exchange, has recently announced that it was dissolving. The closure of the Makhlouf-linked company had been expected for two years.
A massive transfer in the ownership of Syriatel, one of Syria’s largest companies, occurred last month. After the government reactivated the trading of the company's share in the Damascus Securities Exchange, record-high deals reflected a transfer of ownership in the company. Yet, little information is available on the company's new shareholding structure.
Syria’s largest mobile operator, Syriatel, has announced the appointment of a new chairman in a series of changes to the board that mark the end of founder Rami Makhlouf’s ownership of the company, more than a year since he lost control of its management.
Cham Capital LLC, a brokerage firm partially owned by Rami Makhlouf, is preparing to close soon, according to a source in the brokerage sector, a move highlighting the ongoing toll of the spat between the government with one of Syria’s most prominent businessmen.


This profile provides an overview of Yassar Ibrahim, a notorious war profiteer and the current economic advisor to Bashar Al-Assad.
This report provides an overview of the Marota City project since its inception in 2012, shedding light on the legislative policies governing the project, the private sector developers involved, the interest shown by foreign investors, the impact of European sanctions on the project’s progress, and the symbolic precedent Marota City sets for a post-conflict Syria.


Contracting; investing in various economic sectors; providing consulting services in various sectors (commercial, tourism, agriculture); and carrying out construction works.