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This interview is part of our series of in-depth interviews with some of Syria's main humanitarian and development actors. In this issue, we talked with Karim El-Rawy, Médecins Sans Frontières' field coordinator in Idlib, and Elizabeth Harding, MSF's Head of Mission in northeast Syria. 
Due to Russia’s veto, the UNSC has failed to adopt a compromise resolution to extend the cross-border mechanism that allows lifesaving aid to be delivered to millions of people in northern Syria.
Governments and international organisations worldwide have offered aid and assistance to Syria after the recent earthquake. However, aid response and coordination efforts have been hampered by the destruction of roads and highways, weather conditions, fuel shortages, and territorial fragmentation across regime-opposition political lines, among other things.
In his speech, last December, before the newly-sworn in cabinet, Bashar al Assad felt necessary to mention, among the general policy guidelines he laid down for his government, one specific sector he thought his newly nominated team had to address urgently, the water crisis his country is facing.