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Recent months have confirmed the increased influence of Bashar Al-Assad and Asma Al-Assad over the country’s economy. Almost every other week, new information emerges indicating that businesspeople known for acting as fronts for the Syrian president and his wife have acquired stakes in a company or business project. With unrivalled economic power in their hands, this represents a major turn in how wealth is shared and distributed among Syria’s rulers.
Syria’s oil and gas sector has suffered indirect and direct losses totalling USD 107.10 billion from the start of the uprising in 2011 until mid-2022, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Petroleum provided a breakdown of oil and gas production during the first half of the year


This report provides an overview of Syria's economic and financial relations with Russia before the conflict, Russian projects and investments in Syria since 2011, and recent developments in bilateral economic relations.
This report provides a detailed account of Syria's chambers of commerce and industry, tracing their roles, activities, and representatives before and after the conflict. It also sheds light on chambers established by the Syrian Salvation Government and the Syrian Interim Government.
The profile provides an overview of Samer Al-Dibs, a prominent businessman, member of Parliament and Head of the Damascus, and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.
The following profile provides an overview of Tarif Al-Akhras, a prominent Syrian businessman from Homs and a close relative of Asma Al-Assad. Mr Al-Akhras rose to fame before the 2011 conflict and became a major player in the country's food trade, particularly in the sugar industry.
This profile provides an overview of Mazen Tarazi, a Syrian businessman who acquired much of his wealth abroad, before becoming a prominent player in the Syrian business community during the conflict.


Sila LLC is a IT company established in Moscow in 2018.
Activities include the fabrication of metal structures, electrical household devices, refrigeration units, and cold rooms, as well as the import and export of goods, maintenance services for household electrical appliances, and provision of spare parts for metals and machines.
Import, export, and trading foodstuff, grains; importing cars, land and water transport devices, engines; and providing land, sea, and air transport of goods.
Active in the agricultural and farming sectors; importing and exporting crops, fodder and agricultural equipment; and establishing poultry farms, fish farms and apiaries.