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The Syrian government is arranging to import hundreds of cows from Iran, according to the Damascus Chamber of Agriculture. The plan further confirms shortages in the country, whose livestock sector was self-sufficient prior to the conflict.


Prior to the conflict, Syria was one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. In 2010, 9,456,622 tourists travelled to the country, among which 6,281,525 (66 percent) were Arabs and 3,175,097 were non-Arabs (34 percent). In 2019, the number of non-Arab tourists was slightly above 200,000 (8 percent), while the number of Arab tourists amounted to 2,219,626 (92 percent), for a total of 2,424,285 tourists.


Distribution of all types of alternative energy equipment and accessories (e.
Import and export of all authorised material, contracting, trade of computer supplies, domestic and industrial electrical equipment, air conditioner, electricity generators, energy-saving equipment, solar and renewable energy equipment, control devices, batteries, electric energy meters, lighting devices and communication towers; contracting; construction work and house reconstruction.