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Saudi investors from the influential Bin Laden family have set-up a construction company, and an Emirati construction company has opened a branch in Rural Damascus, while a Romanian investor has partnered with Syrian investors to establish a trading company specialised in the import of power and renewable energy equipment.
This article dissects the main looting and trafficking trends throughout the conflict, modus operandi of the main actors, the legal context, the challenges to tackle this murky business, and the main gaps in accountability towards the traffickers and buyers of ill-gotten Syrian artefacts.
The Syrian Salvation Government has started implementing several of the reforms that Abou Mohammad Al-Jolani, leader of Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, promised mid March in a bid to appease the protests that have filled in recent weeks Idlib’s streets in recent weeks. 
This interview with Angela Huddleston, Syria Deputy Country Director of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), is part of our series of in-depth conversations with some of Syria’s main humanitarian and development actors.


This 9300-word report presents a detailed account of international sanctions on Syria. It delves into the American and European sanctions programs, exemptions, and challenges in enforcing sanctions.


Establishing projects with an independent financial and administrative entity; establishing projects and joint stock companies; owning shares in companies and shares in public and private joint stock companies; providing technical and advisory services; and conducting paid and unpaid studies for companies.
SyriaPhone is a mobile phone operator established in Idlib in 2022.
The Directorate of Cadastral Affairs in Idlib, operating under the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) since 2018, manages land and property records primarily in the Idlib Governorate and parts of the Aleppo Governorate.
Al-Wassim Taxi, established by the Al-Wassim Trading Group on January 10, 2024, is the first private taxi firm operating in the Syrian Salvation Government-controlled regions of Idlib.
Import, export, and trade of all building, cladding, and decoration materials.