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Wassim Qattan is a Damascene businessman who emerged among Syria’s business elite only a few years ago and is believed to be acting as a front for powerful regime personalities. Unknown prior to 2017, Mr Qattan has acquired several high-profile contracts from state institutions in the real estate and hospitality sectors. With little information on his source of wealth, he is widely believed to be acting as a front for wealthy and powerful regime personalities, even if the identity of his sponsor remains unclear.
The government has increased unsubsidised oil prices, attributing the hike to “rising global oil prices” and to its effort “to narrow the wide gap with black market prices.” Damascus has also announced a new Iranian credit line for the purchase of oil supplies from Tehran.
In an effort to ease the fallout of sanctions in non-government territories and stabilise areas liberated from the Islamic State, the U.S. administration has issued a general licence authorising economic activities, including foreign investments, in non-regime held areas of Northwest and Northeast Syria.


In this 5,900-word report The Syria Report provides an overview of the E.U.-Syria economic relations and the most important developments that have taken place over the last two decades. 
This report provides an overview of Syria’s universities from the early 2000s until today, with a particular focus on how the higher education sector has been impacted by the 2011 conflict.
This list of Iranian companies involved in Syria includes one table on the companies that were mentioned in our articles with links to the articles and another on companies established in Syria with Iranian investors.


Import, export, and trading of foodstuff, electric appliances, construction material, vegetables, fruits, and agricultural crops.