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Although the security situation is the best it has been since the start of the conflict, the agricultural sector in Syria suffers from unfavourable infrastructural, economic, and climatic conditions, according to a 94-page report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation.
Gold prices in Syria are up more than 288 percent year-on-year amid volatility in global prices and a slide in the value of the local currency, which reached a historic low this week.
The Syrian pound’s freefall and its replacement with the Turkish lira in the Idlib governorate has revealed the extent of the hard-line Islamist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s control over the financial sector in the northwest of the country. An emerging group of financial companies linked to HTS now control a large portion of the cash circulating in Idlib, financial and political sources told The Syria Report.


The two tables below list the companies involved in renewable energy sector in Syria since 2006. The first table lists the companies that were mentioned in our articles over the past years with links to the articles, while the second table lists the companies established in Syria with an interest in the renewable energy sector based on information collected from the Official Gazette of Syria.
Historically, cotton and sugar have represented the two most important industrial crops in Syria. While the production of cotton, which was one of Syria's main strategic crops, has plunged to historic lows, the government is considering ending sugar beet production altogether. This chart covers the production of the two crops between 2000 and 2019, as well as how each was affected due to the conflict, climatic factors, and the lack of government support.
Gold is traditionally an important means of savings for many Syrian households. With rising inflation over the past years, which reduced the value of cash holdings, the precious metal gained additional importance. This chart covers the price of gold in Syria between February 2011 and December 2021.



Renewable energy services and products; contracting; Warehouse managing for medical and medicin equipments trade


Red Gold is a food company established in 2011.


Trade of oil products, build oil reservoirs, manage petrol stations


Trading of precious metals, gold and oil; contracting