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Since the arrival of the new Indian ambassador, Irshad Ahmad, to Syria last October, Mr Ahmad has immediately stepped up the economic diplomacy efforts. Yet, bilateral trade between India and Syria has declined since 2019.
The Syrian government has increased by 74 percent the price of bottled water produced by state-owned factories. This is the third price hike of bottled water this year. Syrians increasingly depend on bottled water for drinking as electricity shortages have hampered water pump operations across the country, and tap water quality has sharply declined due to conflict-related damage to water infrastructure.
The Israeli retaliation after the Hamas’ attack on October 7 has led to violent echoes in the region: from deadly flare-ups in the Lebanese-Israeli border, exchange of fire in southern Syria, Israel’s airstrikes at Damascus and Aleppo airports, to U.S. bases in Syria and Iraq targeted in drone attacks by Iranian affiliated groups. The announced Israeli ground invasion of Gaza could be an important turning point with regards to regional escalation as Iran and Hezbollah made the potential invasion their main red line.
Damascus International Airport has resumed flights after being hit by an Israeli airstrike on October 12, while the Aleppo International Airport remains - at the moment of publishing - out of service after coming under Israeli fire twice, on October 12 and October 14. It appears flights in Aleppo airport will resume Wednesday 18, since two flights to Erbil and Sharjah are  scheduled that day, according to Flightradar24. 



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