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Two Israeli companies have confirmed the launch of new wind power capacity in the Golan Heights in the coming months. Soon, the Heights will host a combined capacity of more than 400 MW of wind-generated electricity production. Meanwhile, Syrian residents protest as the Heights' natural resources, namely water, wind, and, potentially petroleum, have been a primary target for investment at their expense.
The Ministry of Industry recently issued the execution plan for a new water bottling plant in the rural part of the Quneitra governorate, one of the few state investments in the governorate. The plant would represent a rare government investment in the governorate, as the area has suffered from poor services and scant investments since 1973, when Syria regained control of Quneitra following the 1967 Six-Day War.


In this profile, The Syria Report provides an overview of the Hijaz Railways Organisation, one of two state-owned companies running Syria’s rail network. The 1,465-kilometre Hijaz Railway was inaugurated in 1908 to transport Muslim pilgrims to the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.