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While Damascus’ rapprochement with the Arab World is accelerating, the United States and members of the European Union, among which France features prominently, still claim that their policy on Syria is unchanged. However, a growing number of French analysts have reported that powerful economic lobbies are pushing the French presidential palace to restore ties with the regime in the hope that France will reap economic benefits. The recent visit by a board member of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce to Paris only lends credence to these claims.
A representative from the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce, strongly connected to Iran, recently participated in an Arab-French Economic Summit organised in Paris. It was the first time since the beginning of the Syrian popular uprising in March 2011 that the French capital hosted a representative from an official Syrian business group.
In this interview, The Syria Report speaks with Mohammad Hassno, CEO of the Assistance Coordination Unit, a Syrian opposition organisation that coordinates humanitarian efforts and facilitates the flow of information between donors, executive agencies, and local partners. 


This profile provides an overview of Cham Wings Airlines, Syria's first private airlines, detailing the carrier’s activities, its murky management, and controversies.


Manufacturing, selling, importing, and exporting soaps, cleaning materials, decorations, and accessories.

The Nazha Investment Group is the mother company of several companies owned by the Nazha family.

Air Liquide-Syria is the Syrian affiliate of the Air Liquide Group, a French producer of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases.