Subjects – Syria Report



On January 28, Russian company RPOST-M LLC was established in Syria to provide security services. The company was founded by Maxim Yurievich Grekhov, reportedly a former undercover officer for the Russian intelligence services. The recent establishment of the RPOST-M branch in Damascus may suggest a strategy of distributing the previous interest of Wagner among different companies, instead of a single company or leader.
Private sector electricity providers, using small power generators working on gas oil, are increasingly spreading across regime areas, after initially starting operating in the Aleppo governorate in 2013. Since then, they have expanded to the governorates of Damascus, Rural Damascus, Lattakia and Tartous.
A week after the visit of high ranking officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Damascus re-establishing official communications with the government of Bashar Al-Assad, the Atomic Energy Commission of Syria and the Russian state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy.
In a context where the industry lacks proper safety regulations and three-quarters of AANES revenues depend on oil production, business profitability comes at the expense of health and environmental rights. Since taking control of the oil fields in the northeast in 2018, the Syrian Democratic Forces have “contracted private businesses to run the oil fields in its territories to reduce operation costs,” and these actors rely on “primitive methods” to refine oil.



Generating electrical energy, transferring electrical energy from generation facilities to the distribution network, distributing electrical energy from conversion stations, distributing and selling electrical energy, operating electricity clearing operations, and purchasing electrical energy produced from generation stations.
General construction of non-residential buildings and importing all building and cladding materials and machinery necessary for this purpose; and wholesale and retail trade of solar energy devices and equipment.
Providing oil services, catering services, importing, exporting and trading supplies for oil well rigs, building materials, electronic devices, solar energy devices and supplies, foodstuffs, office tools, modern cars, heavy machinery, engineering equipment, pipes, electronic software design, import and export.
Trade, import and export of building materials, sanitary ware, cladding and decoration supplies, furniture, electrical tools, lighting, batteries, cables, electric generating sets, solar energy, cellular devices and their accessories.
Import and export of building materials, household and electrical appliances, alternative energy devices and foodstuffs; providing consultation services; contracting; installing equipment and machinery, alarm and internal monitoring devices, air conditioning works, electrical and sanitary installations, sewage systems, towers and metal installation.