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The Iraqi Federal Government stopped issuing work visas for Syrians in January and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) followed suit, halting issuing not only work but also tourist visas for Syrian nationals as of March 29. These recent decisions restricting the possibility of Syrians to visit or reside in Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan region mark a shift in the until-now ‘welcoming’ policy environment towards Syrian refugees since the onset of the Syrian conflict. This move is expected to slash the flow of remittances from Syrians working in Iraq, a country that is hosting 263,920 Syrian refugees.
The Autonomous Administration in Northeast Syria has announced advancements in the establishment of an industrial city in Manbij that will host 610 shops and workshops on 430,000 square metres. Construction works started in 2023 and the project is bound to be completed in 2025.
A week after the visit of high ranking officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Damascus re-establishing official communications with the government of Bashar Al-Assad, the Atomic Energy Commission of Syria and the Russian state nuclear corporation, Rosatom, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy.


This 9300-word report presents a detailed account of international sanctions on Syria. It delves into the American and European sanctions programs, exemptions, and challenges in enforcing sanctions.
The following text is a copy of the most recent version of the "Social Contract of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria (AANES) Region" published on December 12, 2023.


The State Council is a public body established in 1959 as per Law No.
Establishing and investing in facilities, complexes, tourist hotels, commercial and consumer complexes, halls, sports centers, sports treatment centers; providing education services in the field of sports and entertainment; and providing employment and labour services.
Al-Maham, part of the Katerji network, was founded in Aleppo in 2017 by Abdallah Mohammad Nizar Katerji and Ghayth Mohammad Katerji, expanding its operations to several regions in 2019.
Established in 2010 under a special Presidential decree, Ibdaa Bank was the last microfinance bank to open in Syria before the beginning of the uprising.
Establishment of commercial radio station; Employment of Arab Syrian Domestic Workers; Educational institutes investment and management; Import-export.