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The state building efforts by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria have suffered a major setback with the postponement of local elections due to pressure by its main adversary, Turkey, and its main ally, the United States. The elections have been postponed until August, but given the political scenario, this may be the first of several delays or, even, an indefinite cancellation.
The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria has estimated this year’s budget at USD 1.06 billion, with projected revenues of USD 670 million, primarily from oil revenues, resulting in an expected deficit of USD 389 million, with no clear plan on how this deficit will be covered.


A warehouse for trading medicines, medical products and their raw materials, retail and wholesale sales, importing pesticides and selling them wholesale and retail.
The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) is a self-governing administrative body that governs the territories comprising the seven regions of North and East Syria established in September 2018.