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Qarfys, a small village in the Jableh countryside in the Lattakia governorate, has established a textile factory, Ramita LLC, with a SYP 50 million capital, according to the Official Gazette. Ramita is a very rare case of a Syrian company being founded by a consortium of small villages.
During the visit of a Syrian business delegation to Belgrade in May, Serbian University Novi Sad announced dozens of scholarships for the children of Syrian regime soldiers killed in action. The choice to offer scholarships to children of the Syrian ‘martyrs’ is highly politically charged, given the widely documented international law violations perpetrated by the Syrian army in 13 years of conflict. 
The Brussels VIII conference held on Monday concluded with a total of EUR 7.6 billion in grants and loans for Syria and refugee host countries, of which EUR 5 billion were grants (EUR 3.9 billion for 2024 and EUR 1.2 billion for 2025 and beyond), while EUR 2.5 billion were pledged in the form of loans. Compared to last year’s conference, loans to refugee host countries have been nearly halved from EUR 4 billion to EUR 2.5 billion, while the total grants (for the current year and multi year pledges) have declined from EUR 5.57 billion pledged last year to the EUR 5 billion this year.


This 9300-word report presents a detailed account of international sanctions on Syria. It delves into the American and European sanctions programs, exemptions, and challenges in enforcing sanctions.