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The Syrian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has announced a 35 percent hike in phone and internet service fees that will be effective from March 1. This increase will affect the services of the state-owned Syrian Telecom Company and private internet providers, and as in previous decisions, the hike will most probably also be applied to the services provided by mobile telecom operators Syriatel and MTN.
To automate Syria’s tax system, the Syrian government has granted the private company Sama Pay LLC a contract to handle the electronic payment of taxes. Sama Pay began operations following the disruption in the banking sector brought on by the implementation of the Caesar Act in June 2020. The increasing shift towards electronic payments adopted by several state-owned companies opens substantial opportunities for E-payment companies to generate significant revenues through government-awarded contracts.
As captagon trade flourishes, the already dire security situation in Suweida governorate is reaching new lows and seeping into local businesses. Illustrating the power of local armed gangs, earlier this month, a group of armed men broke into the factory of Fresh Mountain Juice and looted the premises. Law enforcement is yet to make an act of presence while the armed men are still in control of the building, and shareholders are considering shutting down the factory.


The following text is a copy of the most recent version of the "Social Contract of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria (AANES) Region" published on December 12, 2023.
On the occasion of the COP28 conference, this report is a detailed overview of Syria's climate change situation, spanning pre-2010 policies, carbon emissions, and mitigation strategies, examining impacts like rising temperatures, droughts, deforestation, and more.


Providing electronic payment services.
Providing electronic payment services.
Providing electronic payment services and issuing and processing credit and prepaid payment cards.