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The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria has estimated this year’s budget at USD 1.06 billion, with projected revenues of USD 670 million, primarily from oil revenues, resulting in an expected deficit of USD 389 million, with no clear plan on how this deficit will be covered.
The Syrian government has recently taken several steps to tax imports of several products - solar panels, sugar and ceramics - in a bid to benefit local factories in regime areas and to reduce its import bill to slow down the depletion of foreign currency reserves. The proposal to impose a USD 25 import tax on solar panels has sparked criticism, even among pro-regime media, given the electricity crisis and widespread power outages.
The Minister of Economy of the Syrian Interim Government, AbdulHakim Al-Masri, delves into the most pressing issues facing the areas under SIG control and offers an insight into the SIG’s organisational structure and the economic activity in the region.
In a context where the industry lacks proper safety regulations and three-quarters of AANES revenues depend on oil production, business profitability comes at the expense of health and environmental rights. Since taking control of the oil fields in the northeast in 2018, the Syrian Democratic Forces have “contracted private businesses to run the oil fields in its territories to reduce operation costs,” and these actors rely on “primitive methods” to refine oil.



Designing the structure and content of the following  and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement systems software, software applications, databases, network websites and preparing custom-made software, i.
Representing companies and agencies; import and export; shipping and transportation; customs clearance; express mail; and participating and contributing to a company, project, or institution.
SyriaPhone is a mobile phone operator established in Idlib in 2022.
Trade in all kind of perfumes with its accessories, plastic bottles and lids.