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Central Bank Of Syria


In December 2020, Syria’s annual inflation rate reached a record high of 163.1 percent, the largest year-on-year increase in decades, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.
Syrian microfinance institutions have recently converted into banks that provide various financial services, including microlending, to clients. Meanwhile, official data reveals the industry is performing modestly after emerging nearly two decades ago.


Prior to the uprising, China was a major trade partner of Syria and had investments in the country, especially in its petroleum sector. Although trade increased following the 2011 conflict, Chinese companies largely withdrew from the market. Meanwhile, the Chinese government played a quiet but supportive role for Syrian authorities
Although, historically, political differences have often driven a wedge between Damascus and Amman, shared economic interests have frequently spurred rapprochement between the two countries.


The Loan Risks Guarantee Corporation (LRGC) is a "not-for-profit" which provides guarantees for loans to SMEs and microfinance projects.

ITAS Group is a group of six companies mainly active in the IT sector.