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A new cement factory linked to war profiteer Samer Foz was established in December with a capital of USD 416 million, becoming one of the largest private companies in the country. The Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection approved on December 13 the establishment of Modern Cement Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC), a cement manufacturer located in Rural Damascus.
President Bashar Al-Assad issued Law 11 of 2024 on March 13, merging the two state-owned textile organisations – the General Organisation for Cotton Ginning and Marketing and the General Organisation for Textile Industry – to establish the General Company for Textile Industry. The merger intends to cut costs, modernise management techniques and improve flexibility in production, contracting and trade operations.
The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria region is facing widespread electricity, fuel and water shortages after Turkey’s recent airstrike campaign severely damaged 26 critical infrastructure sites, according to the North East Syria NGO Forum.



Import, export, and wholesale and retail trade of construction materials, including cement, blocks, gypsum, cement tiles, cork, sand, gravel of all kinds, scrap building materials, iron, marble, natural and artificial stone, ceramics, porcelain, construction wood, metal, and iron pipes.
Import and export of energy equipment, including panels, batteries, inverters and their supplies, all kinds of building materials, ceramics, cement, scaffolding and electrical tools.
Selling, producing bulk and packaged black Portland cement according to international specifications and importing all equipment, machines and raw materials for the cement industry and its accessories,.
Contracting; trading, importing, and exporting building materials, cladding and decoration, cement, ceramics, wood, paint, household appliances, aluminum, building glass and all types of furniture; and importing vehicles.
Import and export, engaging in media activities, contracting, providing oil and catering services, trading clothing, foodstuffs, building materials, gravel, cement, wood, iron, machinery, cars, spare parts and accessories.