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Brussels Conference


Some EUR 6.4 billion was pledged towards funding the international humanitarian aid effort in Syria during the 2022 Brussels Conference held on May 10. The amount is higher than last year and from what was originally expected. Of this amount, EUR 4.1 billion is allocated for this year and EUR 2.3 billion for 2023.
Pledges for the upcoming Brussels conference on the humanitarian crisis in Syria are expected to decrease in line with the downward trend of pledges since 2021 due to funding shortfalls, donor fatigue, and the potential impacts of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
Last week, security forces of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria seized nearly 2.5 million captagon pills in their largest drug bust to date. The bust came a few days after the security forces of the Syrian Salvation Government seized four million captagon pills in Idlib. Both shipments were smuggled from areas controlled by the Turkish-backed Syrian Interim Government.


This report examines economic and socio-political developments in Northeast Syria prior to and following 2011. It sheds light on the political institutions and economic policies of the AANES, as well as its relations with the Syrian government. Lastly, it provides a sketch of the administration's budget and covers various public and private sector investments.


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