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Recent reports indicate that the Katerji brothers, possibly the most influential business figures to have emerged during the Syrian conflict, are facing increasing pressure from the Syrian authorities. The Katerji Group, a group of various companies owned by Hussam, Baraa, and several of their brothers, control several large investment projects in or around Aleppo that are nominally in the hands of the state.
Syria recorded an annual inflation rate of 84.9 percent in 2022, compared to an average of 5.1 percent in the rest of Arab countries and 8.5 percent recorded globally, according to the Annual Bulletin of the Syrian Centre for Policy Research, published on October 12. The hike in prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages contributed to 41.3 percent of last year’s general inflation, followed by the housing, water, electricity and gas category, then transportation and health.


In this report, The Syria Report provides a detailed account of Palestinians refugees in Syria, covering historical background, living conditions, and the Syrian conflict's impact. It also examines humanitarian support from organizations like GAPAR and UNRWA.


e-Lux Mobile is a telecommunications company established in 2015 and operating in Idlib.
Providing banking services and carrying out financing and investment activities, especially: a) Debt interest; b) Sales benefits; c-) Developing ways to attract money and savings.
Bank of Syria and Overseas is the Syrian affiliate of BLOM Sal, Lebanon's second-largest commercial bank in terms of assets.