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As the Syrian Pound is going through its most stable period for six years, the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) has unified the exchange rate for remittances between local banks and money exchange companies in a bid to “streamline banking operations,” according to a CBS statement on June 13.
The U.S. has amended its Syrian Sanctions Regulations incorporating several executive orders and sanctions status into a single regulation, and clarifying and expanding the sanction’s exemptions related to the activities of NGOs, international organisations, and internet authorisations.
The Syrian government has inaugurated this month several projects - from a five-star hotel to a water pumping station - in the Deir-ez-Zor governorate, worth approximately SYP 60 billion in total (around USD 4.04 million at the current black-market rate). This is the second time within a year that a high level ministerial delegation visits the governorate.
During the visit of a Syrian business delegation to Belgrade in May, Serbian University Novi Sad announced dozens of scholarships for the children of Syrian regime soldiers killed in action. The choice to offer scholarships to children of the Syrian ‘martyrs’ is highly politically charged, given the widely documented international law violations perpetrated by the Syrian army in 13 years of conflict. 
Participating delegations at the Ministerial Meeting at the Brussels Conference VIII “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” pledged on Monday a total of EUR 7.6 billion in grants and loans,  for 2024 and beyond, to Syria and neighbouring countries hosting Syrian refugees. This marks a 20 percent decline compared to last year's conference, when the total grants and loans pledge stood at EUR 9.53 billion.



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