Lebanon News

President Bouteflika of Algeria is due in Brussels on Wednesday, December 19th, to sign the association agreement linking his country to the European Union. With Lebanon signing its own agreement on January 10th, after having postponed it from December 20th, Syria remains the last of the twelve Mediterranean partners of the EU not to have signed an association agreement.

Lebanon's parliament passed a law on Wednesday for the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT), which is expected to significantly raise government revenues.
Syria and Lebanon are signing today an agreement for the sale and transport of Syrian gas to a Lebanese power station, said Al Mustaqbal.

The leading French rail and urban transport engineering and consulting company is projecting to achieve a study on a Damascus-Aleppo fast track link that would put the two cities within two hours of each other.

Syria and Jordan are currently carrying out negotiations to modernise and enhance the railway track linking their two capital cities, said Al Sharq al Awsat.
Issam al-Zaim, the Minister of Planning, said that Syria had no intention of privatising and had made the strategic choice of holding on to state assets in order to face a potential threat from Israel, reported Al Hayat.
Jacques Sarraf, the president of the Lebanese Industrialists Association is heading a delegation to Damascus to congratulate the newly elected Board of Directors of the Damascus Chamber of Industry, said L'Orient-Le Jour.

Syria and its close ally Lebanon are to end their boycott of a 27-nation European Union Mediterranean conference next week despite Israel's presence at a ministerial meeting in Brussels, reported Zawya.