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The joint commission was set up following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on energy cooperation signed in June last year by Iran's energy minister and Syria's minister of electricity, reported the Iranian News Agency.

Syria on Friday denied British accusations that it is importing smuggled Iraqi oil in contravention of U.N. sanctions, U.N. diplomats said.

Direct flights between Iran and Damascus will soon pass through Iraqi airspace, Behzad Mazaheri, the head of the Iranian civil aviation organisation said.

In his speech, last December, before the newly-sworn in cabinet, Bashar al Assad felt necessary to mention, among the general policy guidelines he laid down for his government, one specific sector he thought his newly nominated team had to address urgently, the water crisis his country is facing.

"Syria does not allow any public organism, whatever its motives, to subsidise its exports of cotton yarns" said Shibli Abu Fakher, assistant minister of economy, in an answer to European claims that Syria is flooding the European market with ...

Syria has blacklisted three ships, one Maltese one Turkish and one Romanian, for dealing with Israel, in line with a call by the Arab League to boycott companies doing business with the Jewish state.

An official from the General Organisation for Chemicals and Food Stuffs (GEZA) said on Wednesday that Syria is expected to import at least 130,000 tonnes of sugar in 2002, reported Zawya.
In a meeting with a European Union representative, the Syrian Minister of Economy, Mohammad el-Imadi, assured that Syria was not subsidising its exporters of clothing and apparels and that it was not dumping the export price of cotton yarns.

The leading French rail and urban transport engineering and consulting company is projecting to achieve a study on a Damascus-Aleppo fast track link that would put the two cities within two hours of each other.

Issam al-Zaim, the Minister of Planning, said that Syria had no intention of privatising and had made the strategic choice of holding on to state assets in order to face a potential threat from Israel, reported Al Hayat.