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Earlier this year, a company linked to the Katerji family began construction work on commercial and residential complexes in Marota City. Marota City is an upscale real estate development that is being built on expropriated land and informal settlements in areas that were largely opposed to the government during the Syrian uprising. This luxurious development project launched more than ten years ago has largely failed to attract investment so far, although several regime cronies showed initial interest in it.
While Damascus’ rapprochement with the Arab World is accelerating, the United States and members of the European Union, among which France features prominently, still claim that their policy on Syria is unchanged. However, a growing number of French analysts have reported that powerful economic lobbies are pushing the French presidential palace to restore ties with the regime in the hope that France will reap economic benefits. The recent visit by a board member of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce to Paris only lends credence to these claims.
Ahead of the Turkish elections, one of the key areas of concern remains the future of Ankara's policy towards Syria and Syrian refugees. As Turkey continues to navigate the complexities of the Syrian conflict, it is important to understand how the election results may shape its approach towards its neighbouring country.
During Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi’s recent visit to Syria, the Iranian and Syrian governments signed several memorandums of understanding to bolster economic and trade ties and resolve several pending issues that have hindered economic relations between the two countries for over a decade. However, despite the commotion around the visit, it seems to have yielded limited results so far.
Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi will visit Damascus this week, the first time an Iranian head of state visits the country in 13 years, according to Iranian officials, state-owned media outlets, and sources close to the Syrian government. Ahead of the visit, Syrian and Iranian economic bodies held high-level meetings and prepared agreements that are planned to be signed during the president’s visit.
Between March 14 and 16, President Bashar Al-Assad led a high-level delegation to Moscow to meet with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. During the visit, the two leaders discussed political, economic, and military cooperation, the Turkish-Syrian settlement, post-war reconstruction, and more.
The Syrian government is preparing to put three power turbines into operation, although acute shortages of natural gas and fuel will continue to limit the potential for increased electricity production.
In this interview, The Syria Report speaks with Mohammad Hassno, CEO of the Assistance Coordination Unit, a Syrian opposition organisation that coordinates humanitarian efforts and facilitates the flow of information between donors, executive agencies, and local partners. 
Syrian-Chinese trade in 2022 reached its lowest point in 20 years due to surging global shipping costs, although China continues to rank among Syria’s largest trade partners. Meanwhile, Beijing’s contributions to earthquake relief have been minimal relative to other donors.