Iran Companies

Import, export, and trading of clothes, linens, foodstuff, linoleum, leather, electric devices, plastic granules, furniture, cars, and car parts.
Trading of clothes, linen, construction materials, all kinds of decoration, readymade fabrics, shoes, and all other types of trade; import and export of all authorised materials; and contracting.
Distribution of all types of alternative energy equipment and accessories (e.
Trade and development of softwares, electronic applications and computers; computer maintenance; provision of electronic solutions; development of electronic and electrical programmes; contracting; import and export of all permitted materials.
Azar Energy is an Iranian company dealing with electric equipment and supplies.
Import and export of all authorised material, contracting, trade of computer supplies, domestic and industrial electrical equipment, air conditioner, electricity generators, energy-saving equipment, solar and renewable energy equipment, control devices, batteries, electric energy meters, lighting devices and communication towers; contracting; construction work and house reconstruction.
KMKA is an Iranian company specialised in rock phosphate extraction.
Sarzamine's activities include electrical products trading, industrial equipment trading, contracting, export and import.