Drought News

This interview with Angela Huddleston, Syria Deputy Country Director of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), is part of our series of in-depth conversations with some of Syria’s main humanitarian and development actors.
This interview with NRC’s Regional Media and Communications Adviser is part of our series of in-depth interviews with key actors of Syria’s humanitarian and development sector.
Earlier this month, Iraq accused Syria of obstructing the Euphrates River flow into Iraqi territory, leading to a water diplomacy clash between Baghdad, Damascus and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.
The Syria Report is launching a series of in-depth interviews with some of the main humanitarian and development actors in Syria. Interview with Sachitra Chitrakar, Syria Country Director for the Danish Refugee Council.  
Recent reports have sounded the alarm on the bleak water crisis that five million people in northeast Syria are facing. The roots of the water dilemma are entangled and protracted and the political instability in the northeast hinders efforts to design a comprehensive strategy to manage the dwindling water resources. 
Amid rising food insecurity levels and wheat shortages, the Syrian government has recently contracted with Russian suppliers for the import of 1.4 million tonnes of soft wheat, which is used to produce bread. The wheat harvest across the country has improved this year but still falls short of the local demand.
Since the earthquake devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 06, government-held areas have witnessed a 30-percent increase in the price of food and other essential commodities, further burdening ordinary Syrians reeling from the natural disaster, deteriorating living conditions, and an acute economic crisis. Meanwhile, the Syrian government has failed to respond adequately, sparking widespread criticism.
As the cholera endemic continues unabated, the Ministry of Health recently received two million cholera vaccine doses – the first to reach the country since the outbreak was declared in September.