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This report provides an overview of the origins, activities, and backers of these prominent PSCs in regime-held areas, highlighting their intricate and interconnected nature.
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Syria's gas sector, covering the industry's status before and after the conflict, pipeline projects, gas output during the conflict, and foreign investments.
This profile provides a detailed account of Amer Taysir Khiti, a businessman from Douma closely affiliated with the Syrian regime and allegedly a key player in the country’s rapidly expanding captagon network. 
Our report on Syria's oil sector, covering pre-uprising conditions, production data, foreign company involvement, the impact of sanctions, Iranian oil imports.
This profile provides an overview of Cham Wings Airlines, Syria's first private airlines, detailing the carrier’s activities, its murky management, and controversies.
This profile provides an overview of Yassar Ibrahim, a notorious war profiteer and the current economic advisor to Bashar Al-Assad.
This profile features Syrian businessman Ayman Jaber, one of the country's most notorious militia leaders. It provides an overview of Mr Jaber's business activities and companies before and after the 2011 conflict and sheds light on the businessman's downfall in 2017.