Oil Companies

Manufacture of mineral greases, blending mineral oils, brake fluid and antifreeze liquid; and importing the necessary machinery and equipment to achieve the company’s goal.
Providing protection services to defend facilities, including oil fields.
Support activities related to oil and natural gas extraction (oil and gas well services and storage studies for gas oil fields) and importing all necessary materials related to the company’s purpose.
Providing oil services, catering services, importing, exporting and trading supplies for oil well rigs, building materials, electronic devices, solar energy devices and supplies, foodstuffs, office tools, modern cars, heavy machinery, engineering equipment, pipes, electronic software design, import and export.
Import and export of oil and gas and their derivatives, coal, and cement; and implementing and establishing factories and production lines.
Import, export, and trade of oil products and derivatives, medical and pharmaceutical supplies, and foodstuff.
Import, export, and trade of  spare parts for cars, machinery and trucks of all kinds, agricultural engines and their parts,  maintenance inspection devices for cars, machinery and trucks, and engine oils and their additives.
Importing, exporting, storing, trading, and distributing all types of petroleum derivatives; establishing, investing and renting fuel stations; establishing oil and gas warehouses and tanks; and providing related services; contracting with local, Arab and international companies; implementing construction works for buildings; investing in rented garages, parking lots, car service, and bag packing services; trading in building, cladding and decoration materials, all types of batteries, electrical and industrial tools, computers and their spare parts and software, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, solar, and alternative energy.
Active in various sectors (oil, industry, contracting, pharmaceutical, construction, hospitality, agricultural).
Import and export, engaging in media activities, contracting, providing oil and catering services, trading clothing, foodstuffs, building materials, gravel, cement, wood, iron, machinery, cars, spare parts and accessories.
Establishing a facility for the manufacture of vegetable oils, margarine, margarine, and olive oil.
Importing alternative energy devices, electrical transformers, textiles, fabrics, threads, and necessary machinery, and wholesale trading.
Trade, import, and export of vegetable oil, foodstuff, and solar energy equipment.