Damascus Companies

Hovag is a Damascus-based company that provides electric equipment and machines but also electrical engineering services.
General construction of non-residential buildings, renovations of residential and non-residential buildings, building finishing, installation of doors, windows, door frames, balustrades, stairs, kitchens, interior ceilings and barriers, and wall covering with wood and ceramics.
Film production includes traditional animation, production of films and video programs, production of television programs, production and operation of an audio and video studio, and publishing programs prepared for commercial and television advertising media.
Producing regular and self-inactivating sterile medical syringes of various sizes and medical catheters of all kinds, selling their products wholesale and retail, and importing raw materials, machines and their spare parts.
Processing and squeezing fruits, producing fruit powders, concentrates, thickeners and sauces from fresh fruits, drying, canning and preserving fruits in concentrated saccharin liquids, bottling liquids, and importing and exporting all necessary materials related to the company’s purpose.
Providing qualification and training services in the field of corporate and commercial project management.
Manufacturing doors, windows, frames, sun visors, and curtain panels made of plastics, and importing the equipment, machinery, and equipment necessary to achieve the company’s goal.
Manufacturing ready-made appetizers, importing all the equipment, machines, supplies, raw materials, and packaging materials necessary for this industry, and selling its products and foodstuffs wholesale.
Import, and retail and wholesale trade of new and second-hand cars, including ambulances, small buses, 4x4, and their spare parts.
Activities of travel and tourism agencies, airline agencies, issuing airline tickets, organizing religious trips, and transporting and deporting passengers on buses outside the country.