Cement Companies

Import, export, and wholesale and retail trade of construction materials, including cement, blocks, gypsum, cement tiles, cork, sand, gravel of all kinds, scrap building materials, iron, marble, natural and artificial stone, ceramics, porcelain, construction wood, metal, and iron pipes.
Import and export of energy equipment, including panels, batteries, inverters and their supplies, all kinds of building materials, ceramics, cement, scaffolding and electrical tools.
Selling, producing bulk and packaged black Portland cement according to international specifications and importing all equipment, machines and raw materials for the cement industry and its accessories,.
Import and export of oil and gas and their derivatives, coal, and cement; and implementing and establishing factories and production lines.
Contracting; trading, importing, and exporting building materials, cladding and decoration, cement, ceramics, wood, paint, household appliances, aluminum, building glass and all types of furniture; and importing vehicles.
Import and export, engaging in media activities, contracting, providing oil and catering services, trading clothing, foodstuffs, building materials, gravel, cement, wood, iron, machinery, cars, spare parts and accessories.
Manufacture of ready-made cement clay, tile grout, insulating coatings, and glass enamel coatings.
Import, export, and wholesale and retail trade of cement, sand, blocks, tiles, stones, and porcelaine.
Trade, installation, and investment of concrete and asphalt aggregates, production of all prefabricated cement structures, and manufacture of automated blocks and sidewalk blocks.
Manufacture of cement panels and thermally insulated concrete walls, engineering and construction works, and consulting services.