Jordanian and Syrian officials on Wednesday launched talks aimed at upgrading the land and maritime transport fleets of their countries' joint firms, said Sana, the state news agency.
Direct flights between Iran and Damascus will soon pass through Iraqi airspace, Behzad Mazaheri, the head of the Iranian civil aviation organisation said.
Tartous port saw an increase in activity of 47% in Tonnage and 108% in income between 1995 and 2001.
The Jordan Hejaz Railways (JHR) recorded a 326 per cent increase in the volume of cargo it transported between the Kingdom and Syria in 2001.
Syria and Lebanon signed a deal Thursday to rehabilitate an old railway linking the two countries.
Syrians will be barred from hiring cars as of January 1 under a new law aimed at increasing the government's revenues from custom duties.
The Kuwaiti Al Kharafi company has started the building of the motorway that will link the coastal city of Lattakia to the town of Ariha, and from there to Aleppo.
Syrianair has transferred the ownership of three of the six planes it had ordered from Airbus Industries in 1996, said Al Sharq al Awsat.
Syrian Arab Airlines will buy new planes next year as aircraft prices have dropped following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the director of the company said.
The Iraqi general railways company announced it was starting a weekly scheduled link between Baghdad and Aleppo starting from December 4th, said Al Mustaqbal.
In an interview to Teshreen, Makram Obeid, the Syrian transport minister said that Syrianair, the national airline, should see its carriers' flying time increase from 7 hours to 10 hours per day, before planning to buy any additional plane.
Syria and Jordan are currently carrying out negotiations to modernise and enhance the railway track linking their two capital cities, said Al Sharq al Awsat.
Syrian Airlines has incurred losses of around US$ 6 million since the September 11 attacks in the United States, reported Al Thawra.
Syria and Saudi Arabia signed a deal Sunday to streamline passenger and goods transport between both countries, said Zawya.
The Iraqi General Railway Company announced the beginning of the construction of the railway link between Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, reported Al Sharq al Awsat.