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Mobile phone rates have been increased significantly by the Ministry of Telecommunications, a measure that will help increase profits at Syriatel and MTN-Syria.
The after tax profits of MTN-Syria surged in the first quarter of this year on the back of the discounted fee the mobile phone operators now pay to the Government.
The subscriber base and revenues of the Syrian Telecommunications Company, previously one of the most profitable state entities, has shrunk significantly.
Syriatel’s share of Syria’s mobile phone market increased in 2015, according to the latest data available.
Updated on June 07, 2016: The number of subscribers to Syria’s broadband internet network increased again last year, according to the state monopoly.
The state-owned Syrian Telecommunications Establishment has doubled the cost of the monthly subscription to its phone network as the Government continues its search for new revenues.
Internet is gradually returning to Aleppo after a 7-month suspension, according to an internet intelligence service.
Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecommunications infrastructure company, has signed an agreement to advise the Syrian Government on its IT strategy.
The first half of this year has seen an increase in the share of the mobile telecommunications market of Syriatel at the expense of its sole competitor, MTN Syria.
Syriatel has reported an increase in its revenues in the first quarter of this year.
The Syrian Electronic Army attacked on June 8 the official website of the U.S. Army.
The new licenses governing the operations of Syria’s two mobile phone companies will generate huge losses for the Syrian State in the coming years, while increasing the profits of the two companies, Syriatel and South Africa’s MTN, official records show.
The financial statements of Syria’s two mobile phone companies are providing details on the terms of the long-term licenses granted to them at the beginning of this year.
The government has increased the price of mobile phones communication in the hope of generating revenues of several billion pounds for the Government.
Profits measured in Syrian pound terms were unchanged last year at MTN-Syria, although in dollar terms they were sharply down, preliminary financial data from the company show.


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