Oil, Gas & Mining

The government inaugurated last week a gathering station near Qara that adds new production to Syria’s gas sector.
A delegation from an oil-rich Russian autonomous region has signed a framework agreement with the Homs governorate.
A British petroleum company has confirmed that oil continues to be extracted from its fields in northern Syria despite western sanctions.
Additional details have surfaced on the agreement signed last year between the Syrian government and Russia’s Stroytransgaz to develop phosphate mines near Palmyra.
Two new wells started production north of Damascus last week adding capacity to Syria’s gas production.
Syria has established a EUR 80 million joint venture with unidentified private sector investors to develop asphalt deposits near Deir-ez-Zor.
A Lebanese media close to the Syrian regime has provided an estimate for the oil production in the Kurdish-controlled part of the country.
Syria’s oil and gas production increased noticeably this year, but output still remains very low and is unlikely to increase by much in the near future.
The Minister of Petroleum has set production targets for both oil and gas for next year and 2019.
A Russian state entity has signed an agreement to develop Syrian oil, gas and mining assets, confirming Moscow’s increasing appetite for Syria's underground resources.
Gas supplies will continue to increase relatively significantly next year in Syria, according to government officials.
Data from the Syrian government provide indications on the sources of Syria’s crude oil procurements.
Syria and Oman signed last week a memorandum of understanding in the oil and gas sector, an agreement that has a political as much as an economic significance.
A government report has provided additional information on Syria’s phosphate sector.
Two new gas wells have started production in Syria, increasing slightly the country’s output.


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