The Syrian President on March 7 laid the foundation stone of the Tigris River project, a USD 3 billion scheme that is expected to revive water supply and agriculture production in the north east.
The Syrian and Turkish Prime Ministers laid on February 6 the foundation stone of a “Friendship Dam” built on the Orontes River.
The Military Housing Establishment has issued a tender for the supply and installation of a production line for reinforced concrete pipes that will be used to supply a large irrigation project in Aleppo.
In our story published last week on a water project financed by AFD we had written that the French Development Agency was a shareholder of the First Micro Finance Institution-Syria.
The French Development Agency has announced that it would grant a concessionary loan of EUR 30 million to finance a project to improve the water infrastructure in the suburbs of Damascus.
The Damascus Water Authority is seeking an international consultancy to help in managing a project to reduce the pollution of the Fijeh Water System, Damascus’ main source of drinkable water.
RODECO Consulting GmbH, a German consultancy specialized in the water sector, has been appointed to help restructure the Damascus Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DAWSSA).
A Syrian state official has announced that the very first phase of works on the project to divert water from the Tigris River was about to be completed.
The Syrian Parliament has ratified an agreement signed earlier this year between the Government and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) to part finance the rehabilitation and expansion of water supply system in Damascus city and its surroundings.
The Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) will provide a loan of USD 51 million to help finance the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply system in Damascus its surroundings.
The lack of funding is the main obstacle to implementing the USD 43.6 million Syria Drought Response Plan established last year by the United Nations to help alleviate the impact of the drought affecting Syria’s northeast.
KfW, the German Development Bank, is providing EUR 50.2 million to finance the construction of a water sewage and network system in the Sayyida Zainab district of Damascus.
Syria’s General Establishment for Drinking Water and Sewerage will be concluding before the end of the year a SYP 1.8 billion project to provide drinkable water to 130,000 people in the region of Hassakeh.
The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) will provide to Syria a loan of EUR 75.2 million to finance a water project in Damascus and its rural areas.
Syria and Turkey signed on Thursday in Ankara a memorandum of understanding to build a dam on the Orontes River.


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