On the occasion of Ramadan, Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad, has ordered a one-time payment of half the month salaries for all public sector workers.
The Investment Higher Council (IHC), which overviews and processes investment applications that are eligible for Investment Law N°10 facilities, is set for some changes.
The Syrian Parliament has started discussing the 2003 draft Budget which calls for a rise of over 17.5 percent in expenditure.
The high expectations raised by the setting-up of the Unemployment Committee reflects the hopes pinned on an institution that aims at tackling one of Syria's most pressing challenges, its rising unemployment rate.
The Syrian government decreed on October 22 a 20% increase in the wages and salaries of private-sector employees.
The Syrian government has set an expansionnary 2003 budget with expenditures expected to rise by 17.5 percent to reach SYP420 billion (USD8.4 billion).
The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has released its latest figures on the structure of the labour force in Syria.
In its latest meeting, the Investment higher Council (IHC) has given its go-ahead to 108 new projects, with a total investment value of SYP6.3 billion (USD126 million).
The Syrian government has banned the import of diesel vans, in a move designed at reducing pollution in the country.
The Syrian social security and pensions organisation will be spending a total of SYP26 million (USD520.000) in the coming two years to computerise its operations, reported Teshreen.
An economic reforms program announced by Mohammed al-Hussein, deputy PM in charge of economic affairs forecasts a 4% GDP growth by 2006 and around USD600 of investments in the tourism sector.
Syria is to unify the different currency rates it applies to its imports.
The increase in the price of heating oil was brought down to SYP140 per twenty litres, after it was set at SYP169.
Syria hiked fuel prices on Tuesday 14, including a 20 percent rise in gasoline prices, a 38 percent increase in heating oil prices and a 33 percent growth in cooking gas prices.
In its semi-annual survey on the country risk of 185 countries, Euromoney magazine ranked Syria in 94th place worldwide and 14th among 18 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.


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