Shortages of various key products in the market are highlighting the continuing difficulties faced by the government to deliver goods and services to its population.
Syria’s inflation rate was almost flat last year as some product categories actually witnessed a decline in prices, new data from the government indicate.
Financial results from Syrian public joint stock companies in the first nine months of this year appear to confirm an improvement in business activity in some sectors.
Syria’s main opposition-affiliated development fund announced in the past three months the financing of several new projects in the country’s north and northeast.
Saudi Arabia is providing grant aid to UNRWA, including for its Syria programmes, helping partly offset the withdrawal of American funding.
The number of companies established by Syrians in Egypt continues to rise rapidly, official Egyptian data indicate.
The Syrian President has reshuffled the government and appointed nine new ministers.
UNRWA is expected to reduce further its expenses in Syria early next year, deteriorating the conditions of Palestinians in the country, a Syrian official has said.
Official data indicate that the Ministry of Defence continues to play an important role in the Syrian economy and is a major source of demand.
Turkey has inaugurated a new border crossing with the area of Afrin, increasing to five the number of open crossings between the two countries.
UPDATED on November 06, 2018 at 7:41 pm GMT - A new lobby of Syrian businessmen, grouping mostly investors based abroad that have kept ties with the Syrian regime, has been formed.
A conference on reconstruction was organized last week by the Interim Government of the Syrian opposition.
The visit last week to the east of the country by Syrian PM Imad Khamis was mostly about reaffirming the presence of the state in a very contested part of the country.
A Syrian court has reportedly discharged a freezing order on the assets of a prominent Syrian investor.
The government’s Reconstruction Committee has provided a list of the rehabilitation projects that are planned for this year.


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